Emission-line PROfile FITting routine - PROFIT

The PROFIT is an IDL routine to do automated fitting of emission-line profiles by Gaussian curves or Gauss-Hermite series otimized for use in Integral Field and Fabry-Perot data cubes. As output PROFIT gives two-dimensional fits files for the emission-line flux distribution, centroid velocity, velocity dispersion and higher order Gauss-Hermite moments (h3 and h4).

  • The latest version of PROFIT routine can be downloaded HERE!

    To run PROFIT the following routines are required:

  • MINPACK (Mor, Garbow & Hillstrom, 1980) Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least-squares optimization algorithm. The mpfitfun.pro routine can be found here .

  • The IDL Astronomy User's Library, which can be downloaded from here.

    If you used the PROFIT routine I would appreciate if you cite the following paper: Riffel (2010, Ap&SS, 327, 239)


    PROFIT V1.3:  April 2015 - Included maps for the continuum and standard deviation of the continuum.
    PROFIT V1.2:  September 2011 - Relativistic equation for velocity calculation; Bug in lambda fixed.
    PROFIT V1.1:  February 2011 - Keywords MAX_SHIFT, OUT_FILE_ERROR and NITER included.
    PROFIT V1.0:  Original version (November 2009)